The Search for Home Care Needs Can Be Easy and Effortless



Providing Quality Home Care and a Peace of Mind

Karow Home Care is dedicated to providing seniors, mothers, and families with home care service and guidance so that living comfortably and independently can be a way of life.

Karow Home Care provides the peace of mind you need for you or your loved one by providing top notch service and quality care. Our experienced and well qualified staff abides by our Mission and Vision Statements, which are not only to provide a high standard of care, but also to provide the quality of care that we would provide for those of our own family.



Checklist for Home Care Safety

-Provide safe entry into the house by ensuring walkway is uncluttered and easily accessible.
-Check railways, staircases, bathroom grab rails, and other items that help safe mobility.
-Check cupboards, drawers, closets, and other hideaway places for hazardous plants and materials.
-Lock up all valuables (materials and paperwork)
-Post large printed emergency phone numbers next to a telephone with large key pads or easy dial system.
-Make sure all smoke detectors are working and are located on every floor.
-Remove or lock sharp objects.
-Remove all runnders and/or rugs that may cause easy slippage.
-Supervise smoking.
-Lock all “over the counter” medications away.
-Ensure that all utilities are functioning properly.
-Prepare a spare key that is only accessible by trusting individuals.
-Ensure all appliances are working properly and are easily accessible.
-Keep stove area clear of flammables.
-Cover stove burners, remove knobs/shut-off valves/ and install auto-pilots when needed.
-Keep cords out of walkway and under rugs or carpet. Make sure they are nowhere near area that can cause safety hazard.
-Keep electrical objects away from water.
-Provide adequate lighting, including night lights for evening orientation.
-Take away car keys and make certain that all doors (including garage) are properly secured.